Creative Closets

Modeling, nCloth, Fluids and Dynamics

Creative Closets is a Saudi Arabian manufacturer of high quality designed, home storage with tech parts made in Germany - the customer only needs to have a wish and it will be built. A super example of what’s possible within a Trizz full-package, this project reached across all areas - from early creative consultation, to design, live action production, animation, color grading, photo shoot and billboard print renders. Trizz’s creative premise was a dream-like experience that builds up with a clean visual style, forming elegantly organised spaces around a customers needs - simultaneously visualising the most important brand details - a Trizz speciality. Working closely with Bold Creative Boutique (Riyadh), the products were studied and photographically reconstructed in 3d, storyboarded and story animatics defined - each step meticulously directed by Trizz co-founder, Oriol Puig. Direction on set was a breeze - the compete service production was provided in the project by Trizz and the shooting with our live action production partners at Cannonball, Barcelona. followed by weeks working out tiny details within a very special cinematic dream story.